Shootin’ hoops!

‘You are your own worst critic.’

We’ve all had it said to us at some point. Unless we’re Mr. West. He just has a cacophony of his own voice growling ‘Yes We Kan(ye)!’ on loop to a backing track of motorbike engines and Eagle Squawks. Or so an unNaymed source reports.

Someday he’s Bound 2 get it. Anyway, as for the rest of us, we’ve all been guilty of a shameful face-palm or internal flogging from time to time, be it duly deserved or otherwise. Whether it stems from eating a plate of Tim Tam-stuffed hot cross buns; starting your assignment a gentlemanly 2 hours before its due or maybe even being a total buttplug to someone you love… We’ve all felt like stuff ups from our muff-ups at some point.

It’s OK! Learning hard lessons is a hunky dory practice! And at times a kick up the keister is just what the quack ordered. It’s how we grow and establish our values.

However, be it from billboards demanding us to ‘Lose your Winter Bulge’ or perfectionist parents or your own ameliorative ambition, certain things seem to feed this masochistic part of our minds.


Indeed, oftentimes this voice of self-offense becomes too omnipresent; too omniscient; like it always knows best and we (the meaty vehicle for this judicious naysayer) do not. Well, fellow magnificent meat-bags, it’s time to stop roasting ourselves and let ourselves be the raw, unreliable hunks of awesome that we are. Ma always said that cheap cuts make the best stews.


So let’s ditch the meat motif and browse the illuminating corner of Buzzfeed that prompted this post. As it happens, it was this Bucket List Check-List that helped me check myself before I wrecked myself. As the ticks kept coming I started to feel like the kind of ‘Accomplished Woman’ Austen would consider it her authorial duty to depict (well, a girl can dream!)

I said before that I knew myself to be guilty of some neglectful Nay-talk. In the past the din of my insecurities has almost deprived me of some of my greatest achievements: a devil shouldering out any angelic, affirmative action. Like the fact that I’ve survived and thrived at uni overseas by myself (voice: ‘you could’ve gotten better marks and eaten less croissants!’), that I successfully auditioned for an internationally renowned theatre school (voice: ‘you have the emotional availability of a sausage!’) and that I bared my heart to disarm my Prince Charming (voice: ‘if he doesn’t ask, don’t tell!’) and many more.
Nay VS the Naysayer.
No more.

The truth is, I’ve been shooting metaphorical hoops (literal hoops pose a greater kinetic challenge). Now I’m learning to see them for the slam dunks that they are.

So ask yourself, Ballers, how many baskets (or buckets, in this case) have you dunked lately? Use the Bucket list as a bounce-off point! 😉


Tell me I’m not the only one with complicated feelings towards this rambunctious bunny.

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